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At My Second Home Early Learning Center, we’re known for providing the most robust, Biblically based curriculum in Indianapolis, IN.

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Curriculum for Students Ages 3 – 6

Our program for students in this age group is geared towards language and literacy, math, science, social learning, physical learning and more. We use Biblical values to guide everything we do—learn more about how our guiding principles equip your child throughout their early years.

In addition to the daycare programs, My Second Home Early Learning Center encourages all students to fully express themselves. We provide opportunities for students to experience art, music, drama and other forms of self-expression. We’re the premiere kindergarten in Indianapolis, Carmel, and Greenwood, IN, providing comprehensive education that matches your child’s skills and interests.


Our classrooms are rich with language. We reinforce language learning with the following activities:

  • Group conversations and storytelling
  • Letter and word recognition
  • Using pictures and drawing to tell stories
Math & science

Kids from 3 to 6 love learning in a hands-on way. We encourage exploration of scientific concepts through simple experiments that reinforce observation and reasoning skills. Children at this age are exposed to more complex problem-solving techniques. Our 3- to 6-year-old program focuses on the following concepts:

  • Comparing quantities with activities and board games
  • Reinforcing pattern recognition
  • Reinforcing basic counting skills
  • Understanding positioning terms
Social Learning

The early curriculum at My Second Home Learning Center emphasizes social-emotional and self-regulation skills so that students can maintain friendships and regulate their emotions. We teach empathy—helping your child recognize their own emotions and the emotions of others.

Physical Learning

Our kids receive at least 60 minutes of physical activity as part of their daily daycare routine. The 3-to-6-year-old program helps students explore coordination, balance, personal care and safety.

Biblical-Based Schooling

We use fun, everyday activities to reinforce learning in young minds between the ages of 3 and 6. Students who complete our 3-6 program are ready to successfully enter kindergarten and are well on their way to a life of learning, empathy and kindness. Contact us today at 317-859-8989 to see why our daycare curriculum and Biblical approach make all the difference.