Skip the Sippy Cup?

Should you consider getting rid of sippy cups for your child? If you have been asking yourself, "Should my child skip the sippy cup?", then you are already on your way toward asking the right questions. Many parents have wondered about how effective sippy cups are and if they could potentially cause issues for their children going forward. Indeed, there are some cons of sippy cups that people should be aware of and pay attention to. 

The Design of Sippy Cups Is Just Wrong

Unfortunately, the design of sippy cups is just wrong for young children. The way that they are set up makes it easy for a child to take the cup and sip from it, but it also makes it easy for them to keep their mouth open in ways that are not helpful to the proper development of their teeth and the best ways for saliva to move through their system. They learn bad habits right from the start, and this can be extremely hard to change over time. 

Use Them for a Short Period of Time

Most experts agree that it is fine to use sippy cups as a transitional thing for children, but they should not be used for long periods of time. There are too many children who are suffering from the use of sippy cups, and it is now coming to the forefront of experts’ attention. 

A sippy cup can teach children some bad habits as it relates to sucking their thumbs. Children are often inclined to suck their thumbs anyway, and the sippy cup may make it even more tempting for them to do so. They can potentially find a lot of the same sensation from sucking their thumb that they get from sucking on a sippy cup, but it may promote poor development of their teeth, among other issues. It is not ideal for children to be put in these situations. 

Try to Avoid Getting Them Started on One at All

Here at My Second Home Early Learning Center, we believe that the best thing you can do is avoid teaching your children to use a sippy cup in the first place. It is so much easier to break them from this habit if you don’t get them started on it at all. It is probably a lot easier said than done, but you should at least consider your options and perhaps work with your child on alternatives to sippy cups and thumb sucking. We want them to develop physically and mentally into the people that they are supposed to be, and sippy cups prevent some of that development. 

Please think through all of your options when teaching your child how to be a functional person growing up. You have to consider every step of their care as it comes about, and you can start by keeping them away from sippy cups.