Bath Time Activities for Your Toddlers

Some days, your toddler can’t wait to get in the bath, and everything is easy. Then there are the other days—the days when absolutely nothing will get your toddler into that water. You beg, you plead, you bribe, but nothing works.

Making bath time more fun may be the thing you need to get your child clean without a half-an-hour temper tantrum. Here’s how to make bath time fun for toddlers—and for you too.

Color the water

Whether it’s colorful Crayola Bath Dropz or child-friendly bath bombs, transforming the water is a go-to trick for many parents. Just follow the directions on the package and watch your kid eagerly dive in. When you’re wondering how to make bath time engaging for your toddler, here’s an easy winner.

Pool party in the tub

It’s probably a solid bet that your child loves toys. Bring some beach buckets, rubber duckies, pool noodles and whatever else you have around the house and drop them in the tub. Transforming bath time into a mini pool party will hopefully get your child excited and avoid a power struggle.

Give them a treat

You may have already tried bribery, but try it again! If you have popsicles around, give them a cool treat in the tub. You won’t be able to do this every time, but if you’re in a bind, it’s worth a shot.

Add some music

Put on Kidz Bop (you’re a parent now—you know what that is) to give the bath a party feel. This will make bath time a bit more festive, and your child will be singing along to their favorite tunes in no time.

Switch it up

Another way to make bath time fun for toddlers is very simple. If your home has more than one bathroom, let your child go to an unfamiliar tub. Children are always fascinated with novelty, and they may be giddy at the chance to use mommy and daddy’s tub instead of theirs.

Spa time

Make bath time into a fun pampering event for your child. Get some nail brushes and soft loofahs. Find some fluffy robes and scented lotions. This can be a nice bonding time while your child enjoys the bath’s warm water.

Lego bath

Have a set of large Duplo-style blocks ready for the bath. When your child sees the colorful blocks floating in the tub, they’re likely to dive right in. You may want to keep a separate set of Legos for this express purpose.

Watercolor painting

Is your child creative? Do they like to make a mess? How about both? Then give them a set of watercolor paints, and let them go wild in the bathtub.

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