Need Some Tips on Keeping Those Germs Away for the Holidays?


The holiday season is a great time to be a parent. Children make this time of year truly magical. Is anything better than your child’s pure delight on Christmas morning?

Unfortunately, it’s not all cups of hot chocolate and gathering around the fire. Illnesses spread easier during the winter and threaten to throw a wrench into your holiday plans. If you’re interested in keeping your child healthy during the holidays, read on for some tips.


It’s easy to forget about the basics, but it really is true that better sleep is correlated with better health. Sleep is crucial for brain function, and for kids, it’s tied to proper development. Sleep helps heal and repair the body, leading to less long-term risk of a range of diseases. Your kids will be extra excited over the holidays visiting with family, eating sweets and getting presents. Make sure they’re getting the rest they need.

Hand sanitizer

It’s become standard practice in recent times, but it bears repeating: use hand sanitizer regularly. This is especially important for children whose little hands tend to get into everything. Encourage your child to use hand sanitizer while they’re at school as well. It’s especially helpful in high-traffic areas like airports and malls, too.

Flu shot

It takes two weeks for a flu shot to be in full effect, so make sure your child has one well before holiday travel. This is also a good time to check in with your pediatrician about the vaccines your child needs.


There will, of course, be cookies, cakes and candy canes. But putting a limit on sweets and encouraging your child to eat healthy foods will pay off. Your child’s immune system needs to be as strong as possible to fight off the viruses swirling around during the holiday season.

Wash your hands

Just like hand sanitizer, it’s a bit more difficult to forget about this basic hygienic practice these days. Experts recommend washing your hands often, and for at least 20 seconds. If your child gets squirmy during that time, have them sing “Happy Birthday.” It’s about 20 seconds long and could help make the time pass faster.

Stay home when ill

Now more than ever, it’s important to keep your child out of school if they’re sick. The last thing you want to do is spread illness to your child’s classmates. If your child has a fever of over 100.4 or other symptoms like a persistent cough, keep them home from school and don’t let them visit friends. This will also mean that your child will be more likely to rest—and recover sooner.

We hope this guide to keeping germs away from your child during the holidays proves helpful. Here at My Second Home Early Learning Center, we offer a Biblically-based education for all learners. As members of the community, we are invested in the happiness and success of every child we educate. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how they can help your child succeed.