How to Prepare for Preschool

Starting your child in preschool is a big step. You may be wondering what the best steps are for preparing for preschool. Since the pandemic, many families have been doing preschool learning at home and are now exploring in-person options.

Read on to find out our leading tips on how to start getting your little one ready for their preschool experience.

Set routines

One thing you need to have down is a morning routine. You might currently let your child sleep in until whenever they want. Slowly bump up their wake-up time as school gets nearer. Then in the few days before school, start establishing other parts of the routine. Have them eat breakfast at roughly the same time, brush their teeth, then put on their clothes. You can also get them excited for school by buying some supplies like crayons and markers.

You want to make sure that existing routines in other areas are solid too. For example, having a set bedtime routine will encourage your child to get adequate sleep. This will be helpful, as we all know how cranky a tired kid can be!

Make sure to do reading

It’s crucial for kids to have exposure to books before they start school. Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits of reading to your kids. It helps expand their vocabulary, sharpen their creativity and build those early reading skills. While your toddler may still be learning their ABCs, never underestimate the importance of daily reading.

Bring the child to see the school

It’s a smart idea to arrange for a sneak peek at the child’s new school whenever possible. Introduce your child to their teacher, and let them explore their new classroom. Even this very basic level of familiarity will help make their first day at school that much easier. You may also want to discuss what their schedule will look like each day.

Encourage independence

Toddlers tend to rely on their parents doing everything for them. And let’s face it—it’s almost always easier to do something yourself than let your toddler attempt to do it on their own. But now that they’re going to preschool, you want to push them to be a bit more independent.

Kids who can do more on their own are more likely to thrive in a preschool setting. Start with simple things. Have your child put on their shoes. Ask your child to pick up their toys and put them away. When your child has to go to the bathroom, encourage them to go on their own whenever possible. These kinds of basic skills will go a long way to making their school experience more positive.

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