How to Encourage a Child’s Brain Development

From the time they’re born, children’s brains are rapidly developing through age three. Brain development is extremely important and affects other areas of a child’s growth. The first three years of a child’s life are crucial for development and learning.

If you’re a parent looking for the best ways to increase your child’s brain development, then read on.

Types of development

Children develop in four primary areas: motor skills (also known as physical development); language and communication skills; cognitive skills; and social and emotional skills. Brain development is one part of cognitive development. This includes all aspects of a child’s growing intellect, like problem-solving skills and thinking.

All of these development aspects are linked, and you can do things from very early on in life to improve your child’s brain development. For example, with infants under six months, one easy activity is tummy time, where the infant learns how to lift their head and roll over.


Research has shown time and again that reading books to your child is a great way to encourage toddler development. Even before children are recognizing letters or words, reading to them encourages development in communication and language skills. Seeing the words on the page linked to the pictures begins that process of recognition.

It’s best to be actively engaged in asking your child questions as you read. From learning colors and shapes to more advanced matters like letter recognition and emotions, your child will learn so much through exploring the world of books. It’s also the first step toward building a lifelong love of reading.


Children’s brains are developing all the time—and it’s not because of academic work. Instead, play is a crucial part of fostering brain development. This starts at an early age with playing peekaboo with an infant. Singing with your child will help them learn words and begin speaking. Playing with blocks encourages problem solving and imagination.

Giving a child a blank piece of paper and a box of crayons is another way to encourage creativity. Once the child is a bit older, they will begin to engage in pretend play, which is another important developmental stage.


Children who have supportive, loving parents are more likely to have positive development. From when they are born, it’s important to hold and cuddle your baby. Make sure that they know you’re there to support them and meet their needs. Research has demonstrated that loving care early in a child’s life leads to them being better able to handle stress later on.

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