How Can You Tell if Your Child Is Gifted?

Children display behaviors at an early age that indicate they’re different from the rest. Parents living in Indianapolis, IN should learn to recognize the traits of a gifted child so they can support their children in the best way possible. Here’s how to tell if your child is gifted.

Signs to look for in babies

The traits of a gifted child begin to show in the first few years of life. Parents may notice their infant is highly alert and doesn’t need as much sleep as others at the same developmental stage. Babies who grow up to become gifted children also display a high attention span, often getting fixated on a certain activity for longer than usual. When the infant plays, he or she will likely be drawn to books and have a knack for absorbing new information.

Gifted children excel at communicating their emotions during infancy. Your baby will smile when they recognize familiar faces, such as those of babysitters, friends or extended relatives. While this is common in all children, those who are gifted will display this behavior at a much earlier age. Infants who are gifted also have particularly strong reactions when they hear an unpleasant noise or feel pain.

Common behaviors in grade school

It becomes even easier to tell if a child is gifted once they progress through the grade levels. A dead giveaway is children who hit all the milestones before peers of their same age, especially when it comes to vocabulary and reading skills. Gifted children often do well on exams without needing to study because they absorb and retain information at a surprising rate.

The top traits of a gifted child also include intense curiosity and a consistent desire for knowledge. They take on a wide range of hobbies all at once and stay engaged without help from adults. Parents will be able to tell if their child is gifted when teachers at Indianapolis, IN schools point out the child’s exceptional critical thinking skills, self-monitoring and ability to view a situation from multiple perspectives.

Bright vs. gifted children

There are fine differences between bright and gifted children. A child can excel in school and achieve high standardized test scores but not display the other characteristics of giftedness. Bright students can memorize facts, pay attention in class and do better in school compared to their peers. On the other hand, gifted children go above and beyond what’s expected of them. They don’t just know the right answers—they ask questions and further the discussion.

Bright students are good at following instructions and can complete any activity you ask them to. They achieve good grades with lots of hard work and call it a day once they’ve met the teacher’s expectations. Gifted students never stop moving forward. They use critical thinking to question the way things are done and come up with new approaches to solving problems.

Once parents discover their child is gifted, they’ll need to find the right learning center in Indianapolis, IN that will satiate the child’s need for a challenge. The educators at My Second Home Early Learning Center tailor the curriculum so every student, no matter their level of development, receives a positive learning experience. Get in touch to learn more!