We provide an
age-appropriate curriculum
for all age groups!

Playgrounds and equipment
for ages 2 to 6!
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We provide a curriculum
designed for 5-year-olds
and aimed at Kindergarten preparation, with assessments!
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Learning Center in Indianapolis, IN

My Second Home Early Learning Center is the leading Biblically based learning center in Indianapolis, IN. Our dedicated teachers and staff provide a safe, secure, welcoming learning environment for children of all skill levels and abilities. As a Christian childcare and preschool, we follow Biblical principles in everything we do. We know that feeling welcome and included plays a huge role in your child’s successful transition in life, and we welcome the opportunity to become a part of your family!


We’re licensed through the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA).


We have playgrounds with specially designed equipment for various age groups.


With a low turnover rate, there are always plenty of familiar faces at your second home.


We love our heroes! We offer military discounts, available through NACCRRA.

Your Indianapolis, IN Early Learning Center

My Second Home Early Learning Center is a Paths to QUALITY™ Level 3 provider of preschool and daycare in Indianapolis, IN. As members of your community, we’re invested in the happiness and the success of each child who comes through our doors. We take pride in providing students with comprehensive learning that goes beyond the books and the blackboard, teaching kids how to relate to each other and the world around them.
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unique experiences

Our age-based curriculum provides students of every age and skill level with ample opportunity to engage with their teachers and their peers in unique experiences and concepts that focus on healthy development of language, math, science, social skills and physical health. We encourage healthy self-expression with arts and music opportunities, allowing each child to discover their interests and passions early in life.

Biblical principles

Our students are exposed to Biblical principles and teachings on a daily basis with Bible stories, activities and dramatic play. Our Bible-centered curriculum and staff supports your child’s development and teaches them more than the basic subjects—it teaches them to care about themselves and others. We also incorporate plenty of physical activity and nutritious meals, as part of your child’s day—we prepare our students to for a path to lifelong health in terms of both mind and body.

Giving Kids a Home Away From Home

Students enjoy fresh, hot, nutritious meals prepared on-site.
Your child’s formative years set them on the path to lifelong love of learning. Reach out to us today or stop by for a visit! We’d love to show you how our education makes a difference in the lives of our students.